The William Morris Agency just cut a deal with YouTube that will enable YT to display professionally-produced videos–presumably with the famous actors in the WM stables.  We like this idea:  In fact, it’s about time.  Here’s why:

1.  Low production quality is the standard on YT; it will be good to see something worth seeing.

2.  Almost paradoxically, that which is of good (production) quality is the copyrighted material from the studios–i.e., professionaly-produced.

3.  The problem with the material mentioned in #2 above is that most of it is pirated–or at least no one is getting paid for it.

4.  This (and their other deals with the studios) may actually make some money.

5.  Besides, YT is a good platform–now it can get better.

6.  Oh yes, I forgot:  YT now has credible competition in this space.