the-a2This is the true invention of the printing press–which launched the modern world–a “printer’s mark.”  It is supposed to suggest bloggers to think anew of the emeging world of strategies and transactions.

Transactions & Strategy is a place meant for those who want to explore the various intersections of transactions, strategy and law–especially internationally.  I am writing this one from Milan but we have offices in California and Colorado and soon possibly in Washington, DC.

Blogs can be in English, French, Italian or Spanish and we will try to get them translated.

So what does all this mean?  In brief:

Transactions:  licenses, M&A, distribution networks–you get the picture.

Strategy:  Not all transactions are guided by strategy.  How does a transaction (re)shape strategy?

Law:  This ought not to be the domain of the lawyers speaking a secret language.  This is an attempt to bring the legal issues back into the strategic discussion.

Finally, this is a place to discuss what’s happening in these areas.  For example, I am seeing here in Milan that the financial meltdown is echoing throughout the banking and private equity worlds here.  It is the single topic of dinner conversation–well, that and the worry that the downturn will cause the authorities to ratchet up efforts to collect more taxes.


3 Responses to “Why This Blog Exists.”

  1. Sarah Chevaillier Says:

    Researching for my first MBA assignment — What is viral marketing; Did the success of Terry Tate do anything good for Reebok; What do companies need to do to catch the attention of Gen Xers– and I find your blog about converging social networks and cable tv helpful in at least getting me to ask questions.
    But I don’t really understand it, I’ve got to be honest with you. The upside of that is: no one really understands it, that’s obvious! I get to make up my answers!

    • For some reason I cannot read your entire entry but who is Terry Tate?

    • I figured out how to read your entire comment and I apologize for not replying sooner but “viral marketing” is the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth but on steroids. So, you post something on your Facebook site to your 127 friends and 23 of them re-post and so on and so forth.

      No, you are incorrect: Many people get it and some get it too well. Hence the recent FTC rules on endorsements via bloggers. People are getting paid to mention a product, which mentions are then spread through social networks.

      if effective, the CPM is exceptionally low. the question one must ask is whether one is seeking an increase in sales or an increase in impressions (more a marketing metric). Both can happen but the latter tends to happen on a more frequent basis.

      How is your MBA program going?

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